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Sanctus 1 is an inclusive and creative Christian community exploring spirituality in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter.

We meet on Wednesdays (7.00pm) at Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street, Manchester, with the same theme for both sessions in the week.

Explore the rest of the site to find out more about why Sanctus 1 does what it does, what's coming up next and what projects it's been involved with in the past.

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Community Away Day Jan 2017

We spent a Saturday socialising and thinking about moving on.  We made tents out sheets and sticks and chairs and whatever..  Something that we could take with us on our journey and give us shelter.  Not too heavy a burden.

Sanctus 1 will no longer be meeting on Sundays.  See you on a Wednesday.


Penetrating the Darkness

If you are planning on coming to Sanctus this Wednesday (30th Nov), bring a torch.  We are looking at an Advent theme of penetrating the Darkness and we will be going out into the night with a torch.  Bring some warm clothing too.  


Burnt Offerings Becomes Bread and Wine.

In old testament times we talked to God with burnt offerings.  Jesus said remember me with bread and wine.  Last Wednesday we thought about this while having a barbeque.  On Sunday we used Godly Play.


Godly Play Burnt Offerings


How much money is enough?

How much money is enough? The bible speaks of God providing a land flowing with milk and honey, suggesting something more than subsistence survival; but what is an appropriate standard of living? To uncover some of the emotions we all have tied up with money we played a short game. How did it feel to take money from another, or to ask for money and then agree or refuse? 
We spoke about the need to balance the ‘right’ to hold money with the ‘responsibility’ to care for others and of the Christian’s duty to act as a steward or trustee of ‘their’ money. Ephesians admonishes a thief to stop stealing so they will have something to give to those in need, perhaps a surprising reason to not steal and a reminder of the need to care for others with our money.