Science month


It seems like Manchester runs from one festival into another these days. Having had a summer with the amazing Manchester International Festival and a Food and Drink Festival, October brings the Science Festival, a Gothic Festival and a Literature Festival!

Sanctus is taking inspiration from some of these and hosting some science-themed services this month. This has involved exploring the properties and uses of steam and how we can relate that to our spiritual experiences. Also, we have heard all about blood from a haematologist and wondered at the amazing capability and structure of our bodies.

Finally, as you can see from the image above, the community have come together to produce components for a piece in the Nexus art exhibition Origins. Inspired by the service Sanctus ran at Greenbelt earlier this year, this includes (loose) representations of molecules and is intended to grow throughout the month.

Sanctus 1 World Service

Having spent some time getting out of our cosy Nexus space in July and then Greenbelt in August we thought we would continue the theme of getting out by looking at the world.  We are contemplating how faith and spirituality are reflected across the world, how it ties in with culture and food and celebrates our common humanity.  We will also be praying each week for issues throughout the world.

Each week in September we will be looking at different continents. Last week was food service, food is always a great way of celebrating diversity across the world.

Geocached Communion

Sanctus 1 Geocaching Communion

The result of a our geocaching service last Sunday was communion by the Rochdale Canal. 

Food for thought

Parsonage sml

July is a month of danger. Sanctus 1 is boldly going outdoors all month. In a British summer (we know, crazy)!

Our month always begins with a food service, so we went off to one of Manchester's secret open spaces. Set back from Deansgate (one of the city's main thoroughfares), Parsonage Gardens provides welcome respite and an oasis of green amongst the grey. This was our location for a picnic and reflection on the Feeding of the 5000 and Feeding of the 4000 stories.

Happiness Exhibition


It's lovely to see a community-crafted piece of artwork in place for the current Nexus exhibition - thanks to all who contributed. Come along to Nexus to see the whole exhibition until August 11.

The Sanctus 1 piece features images from community members of things that make them happy. Not everything is visible at the same time. You have to twist and turn and sometimes look through a reflection to see them all. This feels like happiness to us - sometimes easy to spot, sometimes not.

Identity Continued - Food Service

IMG 1958

Last week we looked at spiritual identity and completed a mirror picture together, depicting the elusive and mystical nature of that identity.  

Identity continues this week with our food service.  As well as sharing food and having a catch up we will also be considering identity and gifts of the spirit.  So come hungry.

Chaplaincy training

Chaplaincy 7 sml

Sanctus 1 has run an Introduction to Chaplaincy training course with some of its community members. Putting that into action, Sanctus 1 has the privilege of establishing the first chaplaincy at Afflecks.

There will be a second Introduction to Chaplaincy course run in July (see the Diary for dates), so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in being a part of that.

Spiritual Identity

After a short break looking at 'Happy' we go back for one week only to look at identity, this time spiritual identity.  So this Sunday (26th May) and Next Wednesday (29th May) will be an exciting adventure into the depths of who you are before God.

Heads up for the following week which will be a food service.